The Irssi World Day


Our brethren all over the globe!

I, on behalf of the Council of Irssi Users of Hungary, would like to thank everyone who participated in holding the first Irssi World Day, and announce the second Irssi World Day as well, which is going to be held on June 23, 2006, creating a new tradition for a world that knows so many already.

We, users of the great and glorious Irssi, after seeing that admirers of many other beauties of life have their own festivities, have decided to honour our beloved Irssi and its creators by declaring its World Day on June 23, which will be the day of IRL-reunion of Irssi users all over the world.

Please feel free to join your local Irssi celebrations, or if yet there is no such in your area, organise one yourself. We will give it publicity, for the pleasure of the world-wide Irssi community!

Thank you very much.